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Cheap and good

Caffe Galleria is a place where you can enjoy good coffee and our in-house pastry chef made sweet selection! Every day we offer a large range of breakfast options and Italian organic orange juice which is full of vitamins. We also offer healthy and balanced smoothies made from Boost Yourself superfood mixes. Our menu has easily to go grabbable pizza cones and tasty pancakes.

Caffe Galleriast you’ll also find Gelato Factorys counter, where you can select from 12 different options of handmade and gelato and sorbet made from fresh ingredients!

You can clearly distinguish that Caffe Gallerias pastry chef used the freshest natural produce made with utmost professionalism and seasonaly available wide range of assortment. We are always following new trends! We offer a great choice of sweets on-site, handle special orders and don’t shy away from anniversaries!

Enjoy it here or take it with you!


Start your day deliciously

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Our menu has been put together in view of both, heavier and lighter lifestyle enthusiasts. We offer classic porridge, bacon and omelette but we’ll also sürpriise you with eggs Benedict, raw sausages and crispy muesli.

Every breakfast food comes with free coffe or orange juice.


Coffee drinks

Warm hug in coffee cup


La Prima Pizza

Smoothies and fresh juices



Gelato Factory

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